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Computer Generated Trading Strategies

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Increase your trading winning probability by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to generate profitable trading strategies.

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Trading Execution Logic

DATS Studio is an advanced trading strategy development platform that uses the power of the computer and smart algorithm to automatically mine for profitable trading systems for any markets and timeframes.


Gone are the days of tedious and stressful discretionary trading, roller coaster emotions and burnt out. You can now become a successful automated trader without programming skills in a matter of hours.


Just like mining bitcoin, DATS Studio allows you to mine for profitable trading strategies. You can create, test, optimize and analyse millions of trading strategies daily from anywhere around the world.


This is the future of automatic trading, and DATS Studio is the most advanced and easiest to use tools available for retail and professional traders.

How DATS Studio works

First define your basic setup i.e. account size, trading instrument and timeframe

(e.g. USD 10,000, GBPUSD, 1 hour)


Next is to set your trading boundaries i.e. the types of indicators you want to use, entry and exit logic and stop loss & profit target etc.


Define the characteristics of your strategy e.g. Profit Factor > 1.3, Return/Drawdown Ratio > 4, Number of trades >100 etc..


Click on the START button and DATS Studio will start the mining process, the platform will run 24/7 to search for profitable trading strategies. Using our proprietary smart algorithm logic, DATS Studio searches for profitable trading strategies by carrying out rigorous backtesting and will collate those strategies that fulfill the user predefined strategy characteristics.

Users then review the generated strategies, perform additional tests like Monte Carlo Simulation robustness test and Multi Time Frame analyses.


Once Uses are satisfied with the strategies created, DATS Studio will automatically generate the MetaTrader4 EA codes, Users don’t need to know programming.

Monte Carlo Simulation


Portfolio Expert

Automated MQL Code Generator

What DATS Studio can do ...

  1. Build an unlimited number of profitable trading strategies

  2. Learn to master DATS Studio in a matter of hours, Easy and Simple to use

  3. Create, test, optimise and analyse thousands of trading strategies in minutes

  4. Carry out 100% backtest precision, using direct broker's data

  5. Trade on Forex, Commodities, Stocks or Futures

  6. Automated Workflow - Generation, Optimisation, Robustness, Cross Testing & Correlation

  7. Create Portfolio Experts - trading multiple strategies on a single chart round the clock

  8. Automate your trades without programming skills

  9. Runs on MT4 and MT5

  10. Carry out your strategy mining activity anywhere around the world - Cloud Base

DATS Studio Equity Curve and MT4 Equity Curve, both are Identical. Highly accurate strategies


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