We Create, Test, Optimise & Automate Profitable Trading Strategies

Dynamic Algo Trading System (DATS) was incorporated in 2016 and we have trained traders from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Indonesia in Algo Trading. We are a group of experienced traders using machine learning technologies to automate our trades and successfully achieved profitable live trading track records. 


We teach beginners and intermediate traders on how to 
- migrate from manual trading to automated algo trading

- carry out strategy mining for robust & profitable trading strategies
- automate complex trading strategies without the user having any programming skills
- mitigate trading risk and increase the probability of winning by portfolio trading

- stable and consistent profits

- build a business around your trading career


To inspire & educate people to achieve sustainable financial independence and time freedom. 


To provide algo trading solutions and tools for people to create multiple income streams

To inspire and empower algo trader to achieve their financial destiny.


We position  ourselves based on the following values :

 i - Integrity in what we do

D - Drive and Passionate towards life

A - Abundance of positive attitudes toward challenges and opportunities

T - Thankful and treat all beings with respect, equality and compassion

S - Success is to be celebrated by giving back to society